Hello From Northern California!


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Mar 16, 2009
SF Bay Area, No. California
Good morning! I grew up in Hayward/Castro Valley with chickens, ducks, rabbits and horses, and it is good to see that some folks still do the kinds of things we did way back in the 60s. I live in the Richmond Hills these days, about 10 minutes above Berkeley and on the rim of Wild Cat Canyon, with my husband and two sweet kitties. Two spirited little granddaughters visit from time to time and are "chicken-crazy." We have a small-ish fully fenced and gated back yard, and nice garden that lacks only a few little cluck-clucks to really feel like home. When I'm not dreaming about chickens, I am a web developer and a published author struggling to get back to work on my second novel.

I am starting a backyard flock after being away from chickens for many years. Not sure how much has changed generally speaking, but for sure, there are way more bantams than I remember there being years ago. I am interested in learning as much as possible about bantam easter eggers and/or bantam ameraucanas and am open to learning more about other large-ish bantams that you may know about. I am particularly needing information about size, laying frequency and disposition.

I have a small-ish city-style yard with close neighbors on 3 sides and will be starting with three small layers, or possibly 4 bantams, but no roos. I keep going between getting red star/sexlinks and bantam hens. I'd like to find some of the larger bantam layers or the smaller LF layers, or perhaps a combo of the two.

It was great to learn of this group. Just browsing here the last few weeks has really been helpful. I look forward to "meeting" you all and learning from you, too. :)


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Aug 25, 2008
from South Carolina!


Dances with Chickens
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Mar 3, 2009
Lakeport, Ca.
From another Nor Cal Gal! Born and Raised in Santa Rosa, Now temporarily Living in Chico, Ca, the Pit-O-Hell
, LOL...... I miss the Bay area sooo much.....
No Offence to my fellow Chicoens, it's just not home here, and I really don't feel safe where I am (two blocks from the Butte And Chico Dorms...
) Plus I have a Crazy ex tennant coming around threatening my life, my Husbands life and our Dog & Cars,
. Wow, I got off track fast... LOL... Anyway Welcome to BYC!

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