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Jun 2, 2012
Carson City, NV
Hi everyone. I'm Jeff from Northern Nevada, and I'm am about to be a brand new hen keeper. I have been researching via the internet and by reading the book: The Small-Scale Poultry Flock by Harvey Ussery. City ordinances limit me to owning a maximum of 4 hens, so that's what I'll be getting in the near future. I just ordered a portable coop: the Small Yard Shelter w/ Feeder & 2 Nest Boxes from the easy-garden.com website. I couldn't find any reviews so I hope I didn't make a mistake. I'm not sure of where to get my laying hens (no butchering for me) so if anyone knows reputable breeders in this area please let me know. My other hobbies are gardening, with a new greenhouse being constructed next month, camping/hiking, Buddhist studies/meditation, and I have a 34G saltwater/reef tank and a small vivarium with a couple of bumblebee dart frogs in it. I'm recently retired, widowed in 2009, have a pit bull, a yorkie and a cat, and I'm a big NFL fan. I hope to be a chicken information sponge so hit me up with anything knowledge you'd like to share. Peace! Oh, and I seldom spell-check! :)

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Mar 25, 2011
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Hi &
from Michigan. You have found a great site to help you with all your questions about your soon to be new hens. Many people find this site only after they have brought home their cute little day old chicks and haven't even started to plan for how fast they grow. So you are ahead of the game! This sites Forum Nav and Search are great at finding answerers to all your questions. You can just type in a questions and past threads relating to your question will be listed. You will also find the Learning Center very helpful. The members on this site are also great at answering posted questions. I hope the new coop turns out to be a great investment and don't be surprised if you see coop ideas on this site that you want to incorporate into your new coop set-up.


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Aug 26, 2011
Hello and :welcome

You sound like you have a very interesting background!
Best of luck with your chickens when you get them.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D

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