Hello from Northumberland, England!


7 Years
Nov 8, 2012
Hi, Ive been a constant lurker on this forum since I got chickens last spring and its really helped my calm my worries and help me with my prolems so I thought I should make a proper profile.
I have 7 silkie hens, 3 golden (Dallas, Texas, Lola) 4 white silkie hens (Tiffany, Amber, Trixie, Dixie) and 2 cockerels 1 white silkie (Bob) and 1 god knows what - bought eggs from ebay and whatever he is he is not a cuckoo silkie, we call him Emu because thats exactly what he looks like poor lamb. I restocked the flock with 5 new girls after I lost 2 and my new girls just dont seem as happy as my original ones, they dont seem to want to stray far from the run (they have free run of the gardens and fields) and when I go out to see them they cluster together and back off while my old flock come running over to me! I may be expecting too much after only a fortnight so Ill see what happens. Nice to meet you all!
Hi there! I'm pretty new on the forum too, but have been using it for ages!

I love silkies, you're so lucky to have them, I think I'll ask my husband to get me some for my birthday (or better, for our daughter for HER birthday, it's sooner

Anyhow, I think you should give them time. We got some ex-bats (White Leghorns) and they were in very poor condition compared to our home-grown chickens, and stayed in the coop almost the entire time even when we let them out. But a couple of months later... lo and behold, they are now our most active, outgoing and curious birds, and roam all over the property!
Greetings from Idaho!
Maybe give the flock treats...slink off to the newbies and give them better treats. Try it for a bit...they may come around.
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