Hello from NW Ohio


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Mar 29, 2018
Hello! I am not new to BYC, was a member years ago. Life took me a a roller coaster ride and I had to get out of chickens for a while, had to get my life back on tract. Well I’m back!! Married the love of my life, supporting husband who can handle my obsession of birds lol any critter actually! Just yesterday I went to TSC to get horse food, I left with 18 chickens and 12 ducks. Needless to say, I am not allowed into TSC unsupervised anymore. Hubby grounded me. Lol! But he’s a good sport, set up baby pens for them in our dining room. Kids are super excited. It’s been too long since we had peeps! Bring on the chicken math!
G'Day from down under SummerKitchen :frowWelcome Back!

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