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7 Years
May 23, 2012
Hi - I just joined. I have 2 blue-laced wyandottes, a red sex-link, a buff orpington, a light sussex, and a swedish flower hen. It's been all fun & fresh eggs until recently. One of my wyandottes is broody. Since we aren't allowed roosters here in Oakland, I ordered some fertile eggs by mail for her to sit on. Recently she's started going nuts whenever I put fresh food/water in the cage, flinging bedding all about, burying the food and water, and damaging her eggs. Now there are only 4 left out of a clutch of 7. Is she nuts? I'm being as unobtrusive as I can be. I'm not sure what to do to keep her calm. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Hmm, does she have mites? It is starting to be mite season, so check under her wings, fluff, and tail coverts (and blow) to look for the creepy crawlies. If she does have lice or mites, you can buy some Adams Flea and Tick spray and spray her parts, on a non windy day.

Welcome to BYC! We're glad to have you!
Mites? Ew. That sounds gross. And I know it would make her furious for me to pick her up now. I'm just going to sprinkle some diamtomaceous earth in her cage. I'm not sure if I can fit a blind into her cage. I'm wondering if I should just leave the door open (the cage is in a large laundry room) and leave new food and water outside, and let her choose to leave the cage when she feels like it. She seems really hungry - she still eats mealy worms from my hand. I'm wondering if she's concerned that any food in her cage is a contaminant, or if she's so hungry she's trying to uncover any grain or crumble.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I just I'm not the only one this has happened to. I just started with chickens last fall. My husband thought it was crazy, but he built a fab coop, and now he proudly sells the eggs at his workplace.
Could she be feeling threatened? My friend, who breeds rabbits, said that if a mommy rabbit feels threatened she will eat her babies. Maybe it is the same thing? Maybe try putting further away from her, so she will have trouble getting her bedding in her feed and water.


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