Hello from Oklahoma!


8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
Hey there!
My name is Emily and I'd just like to tell you all a bit about myself and my flock!

First of all, I'm 17 and reside in good ol' Stillwatet, Oklahoma. I just graduated from higschool and will soon be pursuing a career in Wildlife Management.
I am sort of a newbie at chicken farming. When I was five, my parents owned a whole bunch of hens and harvested their eggs, I don't quite remember our chickens, but I know the ggs were good! Years have passed and I came to realization that I missed owning chickens, and so did my mother. Living out in the country we really don't have a reason NOT to own some chickens! So after some discussion my mom and I went chick shopping!

We went into it kind of rusty, but knew we wanted brown-egg layers, nothing fancy. So we bought four unsexed Plymouth Rock chicks. Only one turned out to be female! So we gave the cockerels away and decided to buy more chicks.
We only intended to buy a couple more sexed pullets, but we of course caught the "chicken bug" and bought more than we planned! We purchased two RIRs, two BSLs, two RSLs, and then two crazy-adorable bantam chicks because, well, they were cute! Those banties turned out to be a black frizzle cochin pullet and a light brahma cockerel banty.
AND it didn't stop there! I fell in love with the beautiful chocolate-colored eggs of the Black Copper Marans and purchased six pullets.

So 14 and counting. No, I don't believe I'm through buying chickens...but I am until I make more room!



9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
Welcome to the Forum. I know exactly what you mean about having to watch for that chicken bug.
I am up to 200 and counting, but hopefully selling a substantial 70 this weekend. Anyway, congratulations to you and your mom with the new chicks.

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