Hello from OZ everybody just south of Wichita Kansas

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    This is my first post I usually come on line to see other posts pertaining to my issue and have had lots of luck with that. I am having an issue trying to figure out the best deicer to use for a plastic kiddy pool for my geese. I don't want to have to manually break the ice everyday, I just don't want to have to worrie about that I just want to keep it clean and full. I also don't want my geese to get burned if they touch it because I know they will, their curious like that especially with something new and unfamiliar. [​IMG]
    Here in southern Kansas our weather is pretty mild but in the winter it can and will freeze everything SOLID for weeks to a month or two at a time. Usually though, our weather fluctuates enough that hard freezes are not usually an issue for very long but we do have years that it is, it just depends. I want to be prepared for any weather condition.

    Are there any water deicers that are animal safe, plastic pool safe that turn on and off when needed due to temperature of water?

    I can't find anything that doesn't require my assistance in rigging the original deicer with more wire netting to cover the hot parts. I even called Nasco Farm & Ranch they tried to help but couldn't; HELP, PLEASE!
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    Welcome to BYC.
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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from Ohio.
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    Hiya! welcome [​IMG] don't know about geese and such, but I used to know hobby fish keepers and they mostly just kept the water moving to keep it from freezing. you might try calling an aquarium/pond/landscaping supply and ask them. some of the small decorative tub ponds would be similar in volume to a kiddie pool [​IMG] good luck!
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    Welcome from an imp in Washington


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