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    Good Morning all,
    Needless to say, I'm a newbe to this site and to having a pet chicken. My son (18) was given a 2 week old Barred Rock chick as a rescue because the person knew have birds,( Blue and Gold Macaw, Umbrella Cock-a-too and a Cockatiel) so they assumed that we would be able to care for this tiny thing. Well let me tell you the "Z-bird" as she is called; is the most Spoiled rotten pet we have and that includes the two dogs! She is mostly an inside chicken, we take her outside so she can find worms and other creepy things. We are attempting to litter box train her, but right now shes doing real well with just paper. She is fed an egg layer crumble and most anything we eat she has to have, ( when I give the other birds their treats she gets hers too) also I give her Canary/Finch grit and she has access to a cuttle bone. She is now about 18 weeks old and I assume that anytime now she should start laying eggs. Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or not.
    Thank you
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