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    May 17, 2011
    Hi everyone! I've been checking out this forum on and off for a few years. My name is Laura and I live in San Diego, CA (not very sunny right now... all drizzly)

    I grew up in the Imperial Valley near the border of Mexico in a little city called "Calexico" where the temperatures during this time of year range between 76-110 (that's coldest to hotest haha) and our Mother used to buy us baby chicks as pets, we never really got more than 1 female every time we got chickens and we thought it strange, they always ended up being males and we had to give them away. Well I moved to San Diego about nine years ago and have been craving raising chickens.... well we don't live in an area that would permit such a pet, but my Sister does!

    We visited our old town Calexico during our father's Memorial day and paid a visit to the old Feed store where we used to buy our pet chickens, this is when I realized the reason why we always had male chickens. We were a pretty poor family so pet chickens were a luxury and I suppose our mother didn't want to dish out the extra $1 to ensure a higher percentage rate of the chick being female hahaha so apparently we used to buy the cheap .80 cent chicks which were all males with an 80% accuracy! Well this time I took home three baby "females" with an 80% accuracy. I picked one and my two Nephews (of 7 & 10 yrs ) picked one themselves [​IMG] because their home has the larger yard I decided it would be fun for them to watch their chickens grow up! While possibly reaping future egg benefits??

    Anyway here are a couple of pictures, I do hope they don't get blown up too large since I forgot to resize them
    EDIT: I had to delete these image urls because of forum newbiehood :p I will post them later when I am allowed *edit again: I uploaded them to my account am not sure if it will work but maybe you can check it out?*

    Okay we purchased these chickies early two weeks ago (May 9th) and on our way back so San Diego I realized something... never once did we ever use a heat lamp for our baby chicks... and this was because the temperatures in the Imperial valley rarely dropped bellow 78 during the time we had them. Well now I had to consider a heat lamp because San Diego has been ridiculously cold (haha who am I to say 65 degrees is cold? lol) anyway I recently had a leopard gecko pass away after 11 years of living and so the terrarium would be their warm place for now (with the 100Watt heat lamp)

    buuuut the terrarium is in MY home and the chickies were to live at my Sister's home with my Nephews caring for them (learning experience?) so anyway my Nephews had been watching these baby chicks for the past week and taking really good care of them, we did put them outdoors in a very sunny warm spot for them to dust themselves in the dirt (I know I know no good since they are babies right? and probably shouldn't be out this early in life?) well my Nephews took good care of them, brought them in at night into a heated warm box for the night, then take them out in the AM when the sun is toasty warm. Well they recently started feeding the chickies some earwigs which they loved and I knew there were no chemicals used in their yard so I thought it was ok, buuuuut yesterday I think the chickie with the stripe on her head ate a fly... ( I am speculating here) because she then became disinterested in food and looking tired and lethargic... while the other chicks were running around her trying to tear a mealworm apart she just remained still sort of wobbly... this is when I became worried...

    the feedstore I purchased them from claimed them to be RIR and that they had both the Marek and Coccidiosis vaccines so I was not feeding them medicated feed... instead I made my own mix (because all the commercial feed had soy in it and I am against soy) so their mix included the following ingredients:

    Corn meal
    Rolled Oats
    Sunflower seeds
    flax seeds
    Chia Seed
    Hulled Hempseed

    all of it ground up to a nice small chunky powder, I leave a dish with "Nutramin" clay powder... pretty much a mineral dirt that I used to feed my cats, a clean water dispenser, and the feeder hopper... so they had been eating that since I got them. All ingredients are organic and human grade... geez...

    anyway when I noticed the brown striped one looking not to well and it was near sunset anyway, I told my Sister I would be taking them with me (because not only was this chick looking not too good... buuut apparently they had scheduled an exterminator to come and spray the house because of spiders...) so I had to take them.

    I rushed home popped them into the terrarium and covered the terrarium and hooked the lamp up and everything and observed... the little chickie (meh let me say their names)

    The dark colored one was named "Twitchie" by the Nephews because she twitched her head sometimes [​IMG]
    The caramel colored one is named "Tweetie"
    The lighter Yellow colored one is named "Goldie" I think... I'll correct this post later if not

    anyway "Twitchie" started to slowly slump over to one side, she looked slightly tired but I freaked out because I remember watching a baby chick die when i was a kid and it started off like this.. I took her out of the group and brought her indoors into a lunch tote which is insulated and I lined it with paper towels and a terry towel. I jumped online and started reading like crazy... frantic

    well I don't know what happened to her buuut what I did was I found resources stating vitamin deficiency in chicks and maybe a lack of enzymes etc

    after reading a ton I did the following

    Ran to CVS and purchased Poli-Vi-Sol with NO IRON
    a bottle of Electrolyte water
    a bottle of probiotics

    made myself a tincture with the following ingredients

    crushed up 2 tabs of activated charcoal
    sprinkled 1/2 capsule of probiotics
    1/4 tsp agave (next best thing since I dislike HFCS and that's what is in gatorade)
    4 drops of the Poli-Vi-Sol
    4 drops of raw Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 drop of Hydrogen Peroxide
    mixed it with the electrolyte water

    This was her energy drink... which I sucked up into a dental wash syringe for easy dosing

    then I made a mash with the following
    3 pieces of cat food kibble (which had no grains and ........... chicken flavored [​IMG] sorry! )
    1 tsp of helpseed (hulled) probiotics sprinkled in it, warm water

    I read that protein makes chicks stronger???

    so anyway I fed her a bit of the mash and washed it down with the energy drink (after giving her 1 full drop of the Poli-Vi-Sol) and I pretty much stayed up watching her.
    she was sooooo frikin weak she would swallow, try and fight me a little but then give up, I layed her down in the cooler and took an old feather duster which I never used and broke it in three pieces to form a nest like halo (which had feathers) placed the baby chick in the middle of it (inside the cooler) then I took a small sarong and nuked it for 15 seconds and placed it over the chick and slightly closed the lid of the cooler just leaving a small gap... I would check on her every 3 hours

    This morning she practically jumped out of the cooler when I opened it and I discovered a healthy looking pile of poo right where she slept. Although she was really still a bit wobbly I looked her over and she seemed to be energetic and healthy..... well..I returned her to the group and I hope this was not a bad decision as they were all crying for each other when they heard each other.

    I replaced their water with some electrolite water with a few drops of the vitamin and some ACV in it, sprinkled some probiotics in their dry food and made them an "oatmeal" like snack with extra vitamins and probiotics in there. This afternoon they ALL ran after and fought for some mealworms so I think she is getting much better now... sooo allll that unecessary info said I decided to join this forum because someone told me this would be a good resource for me in the later future [​IMG] aaaaaaand if anyone has any tips or words of advice after reading my lengthy story please dooo tell me, I am open minded and will take all criticism well. thanks everyone! I hope to be more involved later and I do hope I can help my Nephews rear these babies to adulthood!

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    [​IMG] I'm afraid I don't know anything about making your own feed, but someone on here will. And on posting pictures you have to keep posting to do so, we where having problems with spamming. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG] I am sorry I can't help with the feed, but WELCOME! I hope somebody can help you.
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    [​IMG] from Pennsylvania! Glad you joined the group!
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    May 17, 2011
    Thanks guys! Just browsing the boards now [​IMG] I hope I can learn more about everyone! But in the middle of running my own business and watching these baby chicks it might be difficult lol![​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] from Maine
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    My Coop
    [​IMG] & [​IMG] from Alabama.
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    Hesperia, Ca
    Hello [​IMG] from Hesperia,CA and [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hi and [​IMG] from MN! If they are little chicks they need chick grit to digest anything other than chick starter and yogurt. For very young chicks I think sand will do. For bigger chicks you can get grit from the feed store but they absolutely need it to eat what you're feeding. (sorry if I missed it and you already give it to them). Congrats on saving your chick!
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    Quote:Hello and [​IMG]

    I guess that I was the "someone" (yummie mealworms.....) mentioned in your post above who invited you to the forum..... Great decision to join.

    It sounds that you are on the right path with your baby chicks and I hope that all 3 are doing well by now. I am not experienced with making my own feed mixtures, so Kudos to you trying to do so. However, the commercial mixes feed rations are not necessarily bad, because they really have all the vitamins, minerals and protein a healthy chick needs to grow up.

    For some reason I would just question that your chicks have been vaccinated for Coccidiosis or Mareks disease. Most feed stores do not want to pay the extra $$ for that. A lot of feed store employees do not know anything about chickens or chicks. On a site note the colors of your chicks do not really sound like Rhode Island Reds either and make me suspiscious about knowledgeable employees in the feed store you bought your chicks at. But anyways, keep a close eye on your babies, especially the droppings can sometimes be an indicator for a disease like pasty butt or Coccidiosis.

    Good luck and hope to see you soon again. PM me or call me if I can be of any other help.

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