hello from Smithwell Cityfarm


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
HI! We are a family of 5 living in the city and working on turning our small plot of land into an urban homestead. We have come a long way but we still have a long way to go. We have 7 chickens at the moment, 2 of whom are new babies not with the rest of the flock yet. We love having our own chickens, fresh eggs, and sweet pets who play with the girls.

Mabel is our friendliest hen

Yellow Dot is our little chicken who lays pointy eggs

we also have beercan, tha giant chicken with the double yolk eggs, Meghan and Meredith who like to perch on the roof of the coop, and recently we added Becky III and Amy the sultan to our flock.

We lost the beloved James Bond to a raccoon, a lesson to ALWAYS lock up the house at night, and the first night we lost Becky I to we don't know what.

We are really loving this chicken and homesteaidng journey. We have been asked to do a chicken lesson at our daughters' school next year and we have a lot of people asking to come see our cityfarm.

Looking forward to learning more from this forum.

Courtney, Chris, Jewel, Josie, Juniper, and "the Ladies"

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