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6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
We had chickens many years ago when we had allotments and ran a school gardening project but then decided to stop after the fox got the 15 chickens I had hatched myself (well not literally) - it was one of the most upsetting things I have ever experienced, along with the loss of our ducks (again fox related).
So I came home from work the other day to come into the garden Mum and have a look....
I cried when I realised the kids and their Dad had built me a coop and run and there looking already settled and happy were four lovely chickens. What a lovely surprise and home built coop and run is fantastic.
Really excited about having chickens again!

This is my girl I have named her Chloe

Chloe lays me an egg :)

We have gone for beach hut style that matches our garden room at the top of the garden.

Roof of our garden room which matches the chicken's home :)

Coop made from wooden water butt which cost £29 wooden structure for run, chicken wire and screening so it matches the garden room.

I know it's a bit different and our garden room and deck is still a work in progress but lovely to now have the chickens.
Karen & Mark
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

For the sake of security, you might want to install Hardware cloth on the bottom several feet of your run - you have had enough tragedy, and chicken wire and that ornamental screen do not look sturdy enough to protect your birds completely. You have a wonderful family!
This is in our backgarden not the dreaded allotment and we're still adding improvements. Chicken wire behind screening and l think it should be fine the dog is very good at guarding them :)

Thanks for your ideas.
They've been with us two nights now and we've had 7 eggs. We're making changes and adaptations to our run and coop and my other half is also going to be building an arc so they can move round the garden too. More pics

We haven't finished building this so plastic waterproofing isn't as tidy as we'd like. Door now in place so I can get in and out in a more graceful way!

egg no 7 :)

Chloe again

This one is Shelly

All four together

Really glad to be welcomed into the group thanks guys x

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