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Hi! I'm Melody from southwestern PA. Over the years, my family has raised many animals, including chickens. But until recently I had not introduced my daughter, Star, to raising chickens. She is allergic to all critters, except chickens and parakeets.

Our first year, we raised 3 Barred Rock hens. But sadly, our free-range flock fell victim to a hawk, a coyote and a gang of punks riding ATV's. Noel was with us a year and became a beloved pet to Star. Star carried her like a baby, rocked with her on a swing and pulled her in a wagon. In return for the love of a special little girl, Noel came when called and laid her egg every morning on the glider beside the kitchen door.


This spring we got 6 more chicks, a large 10'x10'x6' chain-link dog kennel with chicken wire roof and a Ware Chick-N-Hutch. Our 6 pullets from Tractor Supply were 4 Golden Comets and 2 Speckled Sussex. Then we added 2 adult hens that I think are a Barred Rock and what appears to be a very aggressive Golden Laced Wyandotte, except for her bent over single comb. Two of the pullets turned out to be roosters, which were my first and second times at chicken butchering.
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Nice to "meet" you, Melody! The run you mentioned sounds just like the one we bought. Unfortunately, it blew over in a wind storm and when I called the company for new parts they were awesome. They sent out all new metal parts at no charge. I'm new to this stuff, too, and loving it.

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