Hello from the Baltimore-DC corridor


6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
*Waving* Hello! I've been lurking FOREVER ;) but I'm finally jumping in.

We've had "The Girls" for a year now...two Buff Orpingtons, one Partridge Plymouth Rock and one Silver-Laced Wyandotte. We're having so much fun with them, have really enjoyed watching their personalities develop and *of course* appreciate the delicious eggs. As often happens, we got sucked in and now we're planning the NEXT additions to the flock ;) I think we're going to hatch eggs this fall (our young birds wintered in the basement and garage last year until they were ready to go out in the spring...this worked well for us). The wish list includes a Swedish Flower Hen, a maran, an Easter Egger (which will probably come from my aunt who raises them in Iowa), and a Blue-laced Red Wyandotte.

Anyway, I might as well add in some photos of our coop, which we had ridiculous amounts of fun creating, and a few of our girls when they were wee ones...and one of Astrid now, because she's the only one with a recent portrait ;)

Yeah, I know my French is wrong. My mother-in-law is a French teacher and I've been schooled. LA, not LE. ;)

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Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!
Welcome from College Station, Texas. I like your henhouse decorations, with the flower basket & handwritten sign. Our henhouse is more homespun, made from workshop scraps. If we carved a crescent moon on the side it would look just like an outhouse. But the girls don't seem to care. They lay eggs in there and use it as an outhouse.
Thanks, everyone. Teri, our coop is a little (ok, a lot) silly and decorative. I'll admit, that's all my fault. We set out to make something fairly simple after the Green Roof plans were going to require more time than we wanted to put into it. We chose the free Purina plans that are out there somewhere on the Internets. It was really our first carpentry project, though, and a few (err, ok, a lot) of the cuts weren't straight. I'm an artist by profession and the crooked aesthetics were bugging my delicate artsy-fartsy sensibilities so I just kept applying lipstick to the pig. LOL It's become a family joke that the coop is better decorated than our home is so far. ;) Also, we don't call it our coop. We really call it our C. Everett. Dorks we are.

Anyway, thank you for the welcome! I look forward to reading and posting (or is that playing?! :) )
Hello, I am also in the D.C Metro area. I am currently raising a lot of different breeds but I focus on Cream Legbars. Right now I am running around like a crazy person trying to buy coops as I have 50+ chicks in brooders of various breeds including birchen marans, Swedish Flower Hens, American Bresse, Hedemora, Partridge Orps, Bielefelders, Barnevelders, and of course Cream Legbars. So watch out....a few chickens become 50 quickly.

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