Hello from the Pacific Northwest!


Aug 10, 2019
Vancouver, WA
Hello! Long time lurker, first time caller! I've been dreaming of getting chickens for a few years now, and we just bought a property in Vancouver, WA with an acre of land, so I'm excited to get started on my first small backyard flock! I'm currently converting a small playhouse into my first little coop, just to get started. It'll be interesting to see how many chickens I end up with after a couple years, hehe :gig

My other hobbies include video games, drawing, crafting, and cooking.

So glad to finally joining this community and looking forward to lots of discussions! :jumpy
Hi! :frow Welcome to BYC from another Pacific Northwester! You will love chickens! I predict about a dozen before the first year is out. :lau Then a bigger coop and run. :gig Then someone will get broody and you'll want to let her have the experience of raising some of her own...:lau We call it chicken math.

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