Hello from the Seattle area! Tell me about house chickens!


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May 31, 2012
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I'm new here. I don't have chickens yet, but have wanted them for many years. Back in college, 20 plus years ago, after doing a bunch of reading, I built a pen and bought two white rock pullets, for pets, at a butcher shop. Didn't know why folks in my dorm thought I was a little strange! I was hooked when my two sweet young ladies jumped out of their pen, then up onto my lap and shoulder to roost on me. They lived to a nice old age as free-roaming chickens in a chicken-savvy friends' big yard.

Now I'm thinking of getting a couple of silkies as house pets, or perhaps a Faverolle, because I've read that they are docile and "loners". I have a petite senior cat, so I'm somewhat concerned that she might see small hens as prey, or that larger hens might boss and peck her.

I'd love to hear your experiences and ideas about house chickens. I'm not really concerned about egg production, I just really enjoy chicken company.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to learning and sharing.




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Welcome to BYC from Enumclaw. Feel free to check out the Washington thread. We have a lot of members up in your area.

PS I have several extra Silkie chicks that you can have. They are a lavender splash, and blue colors. PM me if you're interested.
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