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Urban Survival Podcast

10 Years
Oct 9, 2009
Hello everyone. I was referred to this site from a friend (she went on and on about how wonderful it is here). From what I see so far, she is absolutely correct.

As you may have guessed from my avatar and username, I have a podcast focusing on self-sufficiency, sustainability, and survival, in an urban or suburban context. Although I grew up in the country, I have never raised chickens (we raised rabbits, goats, a few ducks, and cattle). I am very interested in learning about raising chickens and quail in the backyard, and telling others how to do it.

I will likely do a podcast in the very near future about this topic, and would love to have a guest on, give a shout-out to this forum, and/or have a guest writer contribute an article.

Anyway, good to see you all. Feel free to PM me and/or check out the podcast by following the links below


Deluxe Dozens
11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
Riverside/Norco, CA
You are a natural fit for BYC!!!
from so cal!

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