Hello from Virginia


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Jun 6, 2017
Stephens City, VA
Well my back story getting chickens is pretty funny. My birthday was this past Sunday and my sister who lives in Texas thought she was being funny. Called me Friday and said I had to go to Post Office for a package. I thought she had sent me some brisket on dry ice and needed me to get it before it thawed. I walk in and tell them I'm expecting a package. The lady immediately says " Oh the peeps" and a few choice words came out unexpectedly. Well here she comes with a box of 24 3 day old chicks. I plan on keeping 6 or so and getting rid of the rest. That's my story. Lol. I had chickens when I was a kid into high school but never peeps. Time to learn. Thanks, David
Chicks are good but, not coming as a complete surprise. They are alive and you had no idea - what they would need to keep them alive. I think that is a dirty trick especially getting 24. You can't just pull things you need out of your closet.

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