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    Hi my name is Christy, I am one of two who will be sharing this account. My fiance James Martin and I have started our own flock this year. First we started out with a little turkey who was a premature hatch, she didn't make it so we went and got seven more and more and more. My fiance and I are mainly doing this for eggs, and meat but on the sideline we are also planning on donating as much as we can over the next few years to the homeless shelters around us in meals and eggs. All birds will be free ranged unless on predator lock down, we have had quite the scare this passed week with a large bobcat. Right now we are about to build a duck house out of pallets next to our turkey coop so that i may run a light from both barns, right now we are in the process of a see no touch with the turkeys, chickens and guineas, so far so good aside from my wellsummer(we think but not sure) hen acting all tough with my oldest Narragansett hen (I hope a hen) but with a slap of her wing Anya behaves. Last night was our first out of the cage introduction and no one seemed phased, I think my turkeys dislike all the racket the guineas make and leave them alone.

    We are planning on expanding our flocks next year as we make a larger space for them that connects to a 18ft x 24ft garden plot for end of the harvest pickings. They will have a huge run along the backside of my gardening area and along the side with a large enough coop to accommodate them all. We have a large 2 acre yard, where they can roam and eat pests off my growing orchard in my front yard and the countless ticks that we get from the deer that roam wild.

    Our current list of poultry

    7 Narragansett
    Yulon aka Poopy bird
    Sylvanas, oldest of the Narragansett
    Screamer, bird hated us for the longest time
    Chromie, runt and pet

    1 Sweetgrass
    Penny Pancakes

    2 Chickens
    Wellsummer - Anya
    Brahma cross - Maple

    4 Guinea fowl
    Charlie, head cockerel - Alpha bird
    Blue - Second in command cockerel
    Echo, unusually quiet hen
    Delta, omega loudest mouth of all

    4 Muscovy Ducks
    Everest - Drake, black and white piebald
    Skyline - Hen, black and white piebald
    Denali - Hen, blue atipico dusky
    Nibbie - Hen, Blue barred only showing on chest for now

    Our future list
    Bourbon Reds
    Narragansetts again
    Indian Runners
    Easter Eggers
    and a few Peafowl
    feeder hogs

    [​IMG] Chromie
    [​IMG] Arthas, young jake
    [​IMG] Most of the flock sunbathing
    [​IMG] Our sweet grass hen
    [​IMG] Charlie and Blue
    Left to right
    Maple, Echo
    Anya, Delta

    Left to right
    Nibbe, Denali, Everest, Skyline
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    Nice flock and [​IMG]!
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    Thank you
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    Thank you Redsoxs, I enjoy having the assorted crew. And thanks for the awesome links I will go check them out right away!
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    Hi :welcome Christy

    Glad you could join us here! What a lovely mixed flock you have there. I have really enjoyed looking at your pics :D Wishing you the very best with your expansion plans in the future.

    Enjoy your time here on BYC :frow
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    Thank you Yorkshire Coop!
    Im happy to be here, my fiance and I have browsed the site for a while and finally decided to dive and and join the fun. Thank you again for the best wishes for the future flock and on the current photos of my flock now. I'm hoping to snag a few this evening (weather permitted) of my Guineas, Chickens and Turkeys commingling in the yard for a while. Guinea's wings need clipped though last thing I want is a Guinea or two on my roof.
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    Welcome to the Backyard chicken flock. The guinea folks sure know how they like to perch HIGH up, usually the highest branches in a tall tree.
  9. MartinsPoultry

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    Thanks glad to be apart of such a huge community.

    That they do, I know that from a local duck breeder who has ducks and guineas as well as chickens and turkeys, she has to coop hers at night due to them not returning.
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    Hi Christy, and welcome to Backyard Chickens! I loved reading your intro, and seeing the pictures of all your lovely birds. Sounds like you've got quite the setup! Thanks for joining us, and wishing you the best of luck with all your poultry dreams!

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