Hello from WV


9 Years
Oct 19, 2010
Hello! I'm Melissa and I'm new to this forum, but loving it so far!!!

I have one Buff Orpington that has just started laying for me. We used to have 8 chickens total, 2 of the Buff Orpingtons and 6 Araucanas, but the neighbors' pit bull got off of its chain and ate all but the one we have left. We lovingly call her our "survivor chicken". When spring rolls back around we will buy more baby chicks.

Our one chicken free ranges and fights with our cat over the cat food, but gets along with our Bichon just great! She likes to perch on top of our air conditioner and peer through the window, watching us or tv. :) I think she would ride in the car if we let her, haha! She is very attached to our family, which is fine with me.

We live in the semi-country in WV. A lot of our neighbors have chickens and have been giving us great advice! I love this forum for all of those questions I have about "what's this?" or "how do I do that?".
from Colorado!! This place is so great isn't it??!!

I am also from WV and my name is also Melissa. Hope you enjoy all the info. There are alot of very knowlegable people here.
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