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Jun 9, 2010
Hi, everyone! I am the proud Mama of 7 chickens that were given to my kids for Easter. You know, the dyed baby chicks? Well, now they've grown and it appears to look like we have 6 white roosters and 1 orange hen. From looking at pics the roosters look like Leghorns, I'm guessing. Not sure about the hen. Hubby had to hurry and construct a coop while they lived in a box inside my laundry room at night and in the dog kennel during the day. Now that the kids all love them and they live in their coop out back with our dog. so it appears they are here to stay, we would love to get more laying hens for the eggs. We are a large family, so we've been kicking around the idea of raising chickens before. I am in south Louisiana where the humidity and heat is high. I would like to know which breeds of laying hens would do well here. Also, should I keep all 6 roosters or just keep 1 or 2?
I am so glad to have found this site while Googling for information!

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