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Hi my name is Robyn I have 2 Royal palm turkeys that are about 9 weeks old this is my second time with babies my son had a pair that we got in may we put them out in their pen and something got in and killed them! We were both so upset by this we waited a month and got 2 more! We bought a really nice turkey coop they dont go in it much they scream if they cant see us! I am starting to think I am in over my head with them! We live on 1 acre and I am worried they dont have enough room. They sleep in a huge dog cage that I have on a table we cover them like we do our birds that are house pets and they are very happy to be in!!!!! We also have some chickens they seem to be so much easier then the royal palms!!!!
Hello and welcome to BYC! I'm sorry about the prior loss.
. I hope it never happens again.
Hi Robyn! I live in Strasburg which isn't far from Wooster. This year, I got my first two turkeys too. I bought a Blue Slate and a Royal Palm on May 20th, at the Mt. Hope Swap Meet. I'm really enjoying them. Can you let them out of their coop to free range a bit? I let mine out, along with my flock of chickens, every day and they just love it.

I just finally realized that they're both toms (boys). The Royal Palm is a bit more talkative and active than the Blue Slate. I would let them out to stretch their legs, maybe just an hour before dark, and they will go right back into their coop. That way you can keep an eye on them, and they can stretch their wings a bit.

Good luck with the turkeys and take care! Here's a picture of mine:


They're just strolling around together, eating grass and such.
from the Finger Lakes of New York! Sorry for your earlier loss. I think most everyone here has lost a bird at one time or another. We learn and become better stewards for it. Best of luck with your new babies!
They have a coop with a attached pen, they spend some time in it! They are with me a lot of the time roaming the yard. When can they live out doors? the smaller turkey we have still has yellow on his head! We are not putting up a fence to keep them in the back yard with the chickens. I am worried about black head but everyone I have asked in our area have never heard of it before. I think I have really spolied them because they are happy to be in the house with me! I really love them they are my babies! I have never raised any farm animal so I know I have spoiled them! I am new here not sure how to upload pictures I have a ton of them!!!!

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