Hello, I'm a new member from Berlin Vermont!


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
Berlin, Vermont
I first started raising chickens when the people we bought our place from sweetend the deal with to red and white chickens, we think they are at least two years old. I have a million questions? I just got 3 more that are 6 months old (we think). I think one of the new ones may be an easter egger? Why did the new chickens come with food that looks like oatmeal? We didn't put them together, should we? I have to giant redish brown ones are the Rhode Island Reds, will they be mean?
Welcome to BYC...glad you came aboard...if you need any help just let me know...I will do my best to help have been raising chickens for 15 years and currently a veterinary tech student...

. Welcome to BYC! My RI Red hen is very sweet. Although Hamlet the RIR roo, not so much.
Can your new chickens be separated from the first two (but still within eyesight) so that they might have a chance to get used to each other before putting them all together? Not sure about the food, I use crumbles. It looks like really coarse cornmeal. Best of luck! I'm sure you'll get plenty of other responses :)
Hi and :welcome

You're right to keep them separate at first, but over time you can slowly introduce them to each other and they'll develop a hierarchy and start getting along.
Some people recommend keeping them in separate pens where they can see each other for a few weeks.

Good luck!

I hope you find all the info you need here, and enjoy the site. :D

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