Hello...I'm a newbie, mallard drake question

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by gidgetwadeclaude, Nov 7, 2010.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Hi to all,
    I have one chicken hen and two mallard drakes. They are all close in ages...approximately 9 months. My chicken (Gidget) is fine, but I noticed today that one of my drakes is acting rather lethargic (Claude). The other drake (Wade) seems to be ok as well. Yesterday Claude seemed ok, but today he is slow to move (waddle), and he would not get into the kiddie pool after I filled it with fresh water. They both could hardly wait when I fill the pool, and Wade did jump right in, but Claude did not once touch the pool. He is hardly dabbling too. The three of them stick together all the time, and Claude is staying with Gidget and Wade, but he just sits. This is my first time having chickens and ducks. Up until now everything has been great. They all get great attention. In fact not only do the mallardds follow me around, but Gidget the hen follows me too. At night they all three go into their pen, and I close and lock the door. The first sign of daylight I let them out. I am just concerned about Claude.
    Thanks to anyone who may have any thoughts or suggestions regarding Claude's situation.
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    Are they getting extra niacin added to their diet? Commercial food does not have enough, and a deficiency usually shows with leg weakness. You can go to the feed store and get a vitamin/mineral supplement for poultry to help them. You can also go to Walmart in the vitamin section and get Niacin (Vitamin B3) tablets. Simply add 100 mg per 1 gallon of drinking water. It can be given to all the birds you have. You bird should get better within 2 days once it is added. If not then you have to search elsewhere.

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