Hello, I'm Negautrunks!


Mar 4, 2016
Albuquerque, NM
Hello all! Been lurking for years, here I am!

I've got 12 Dark Cornish chickens, 2 of which are roos, I believe. I got them on April 2nd, and they have just been a joy! Only one has a name, my main roo, Speckles.

When I was little my family raised some 20 odd chickens, which my parents bought as teenage chickens. My mother (the supposed chicken expert) picked ALL ROOSTERS hahaha, and the farmer lady gave us one runty hen to make up for it, I'm sure she felt bad as my parents wanted eggs! Now, 20 years later, they have a flock of about 35 american game (rescues) with a few mutts thrown in that I brought them from other farms where I worked.

So anyway, I've got some chicken experience but still have questions sometimes; I hope to be a helpy helper in the community!

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