Hello, is anyone from Leyden Township / Melrose park out there?


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Melrose Park,IL
My name is bob, I retired 2-1/2 yes ago and we live just south of ohare airport in little unincorporated cook county.I am 7 days into building my coop for my 9 3 week old pullets. I am new to chickens bt have been reading books on them and getting advice from farmer friends for a few years. if anyone is in the area I would love to make contact with them and share ideas. thank you for a very informative e forum!
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That's a neat coop! I like it :) To find people in your area do a search of the Where am I? Where are you! forum section. Enjoy the site!
how nice of your neighbor to pitch in that means one neighbor won't be complaining about chickens. With the noise from the airplanes I don't think anyone would hear chickens or roosters. If you go to "where am I, where are you," in the social forum you can locate and post on your state thread. I know there are some Chicken people around Fox Valley and some have joined recently from Chicago.
Hi Bob, I am in Franklin Park. No chickens here. Looking to change the ordinance. What is the ordinance for Leyden? Would you be interested in being interviewed by a reporter that would like to do a story in the Leyden area in favor of chickens? I can ask if it could be annonymous if it is against code where you are at.

Your coop looks awesome, by the way! Hopefully, I will need help building one in my own backyard soon!
Hi Sam
I will message you with my contact info and you or the reporter can give me a call to discuss. As you know Leyden is just the name of our township, we really live in unincorporated crook county. The county code does permit chickens with certain exceptions e.g. no roosters or fighting cocks, no dyed animals ,no slaughter.

If you are trying to get a municipal code implemented I strongly suggest you make contact with Jenn Murtoff as she has assisted many municipalities with chicken codes. her blog is here http://urbanchickenconsultant.wordpress.com/about/

If you have any questions or want to hire an expert henhouse builder just give me a holler

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