Hello, Just got my 2 day old chicks yesterday!

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8 Years
Feb 24, 2011
Yesterday I picked up 3 two day old chicks and the 4th is suppose to be here next Friday. I got a Bard Rock, an Ideal 236, a Red Production and a Buff Orphington is on the way. I have been building a mobile backyard chicken coop and run and it is almost complete. This is all new stuff for me and I'm looking forward to helpful hints. Thanks, Cheryl
keep an eye on them, checking them 4-6 times a day if you need to. notice how close or far they are from the heat lamp, if they seem to be hanging around in a pile right under it then move the light closer, or if they tend to keep away from it move it up a little. that and pasting up are the 2 things I have heard are the most important for the first few weeks.
I hope this helps.
Welcome to chickendom! You'll love the Buff Orpington -- it's pretty much our main bird! Affectionate, docile, and a great layer. Barred Rocks are very popular around here, too. If you've never done chickens before, my advice is to get yourself a little box to keep near your brooder. In it, keep Q-tips (for cleaning pasty butts), Neosporin (to apply to injuries), a small bottle of apple cider vinegar (to add to water as needed), a box of Bandaids (for crooked toes and splayed legs), and some small, soft cloths. Also keep antibacterial hand wipes near the brooder, so you can wipe before and after handling your birds. Handle them frequently so that they become accustomed to you. We handle our chicks 7 scheduled times per day, and often lots of times between those! Keep their water fresh and plentiful, too. And watch their position in relationship to their heat lamp (keep a few bulbs handy as back ups!). Good luck, and be sure to post pix when you can!

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