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Jul 22, 2021
I have been a bird lover for years. I'm pretty indiscriminate. We are into vermiculture and originally added chickens to our program for manure. I fell in love. I have adored budgies, condors, pigeons, corvids and I'm bossed around daily by a 3 year old budge named Pulque andy 18onth old cockatiel, Erik. We recently bought our dream property to build the second half of our lives on. I finally got my dream birds, my two baby peacock boys. They are all mixed in with my 8 other assorted chicks in the makeshift bathtub brooder. Adventure awaits!


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Ah, indiscriminate bird lover -- you would feel right at home in my guest room, aka, "the bird room," filled with bird motifs on everything. There is wall art, pillow coverings, small statues, salt-and-pepper shakers, even a very old taxidermy Mallard drake. (He looked sad and lonely at a flea market).

Your babies are adorable, and, Gunda with the babies on her back is just precious.

Welcome to BYC! I hope we are able to help you with your amazing adventure!

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