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    Apr 2, 2016
    I've always wanted miniature chickens ever since being a child! I saw two tiny eggs being hatched in an old ladies cleavage LoL what!! EVERYONE says to me in disbelief yes it's TRUE! My parent came on invite to England London in the 1950s from Cyprus as when my parent's were born Cyprus was a British colony they were born with British passports and sadly decided to come to the UK to have a better life for their unborn then children lol but hay can't say it worked out very well but hay here I am youngest of 5 siblings the craziest still at 2 year's away from 50 but feeling 21 as always lol! So going back to cleavage hatched tiny eggs! We went to Cyprus in 1978 for a 6month holiday meeting our family I loved it they had chickens goats donkeys dogs cats I was amazed being an animal lover as a child always dreaming of owning a farm lol stories of my parent's childhood I was in my element, then a neighbour to my grandma did have in a cloth two tiniest eggs! She kept in her cleavage taking out now and then turning and putting them back into her cleavage then they hatched out being tiny chicks to then grow into the tiniest chickens a cockral and hen but the amazing to me thing was and I still bare the vision behind my eyes today! Is they were EXACTLY like a normal buetifull larger chickens that are big but they were TINY I loved them! We'll finally Easter just gone by good Friday day before good Friday I was browsing gumtree adds and chicks popped up close to London were I live people selling bantams 2day old chicks so I phone to just enquire a man said he hasn't any left but will have after Easter, now set in my head I researched a little online to see they are good pets friendly good for children!!!!!! That evening the man rang me stating the two he had reserved for someone they had messed around would I like them they are two day olds I was like OMG I can't come tonight now but will Tomorrow to have a look! of course now here I am today with the now cutest 2 weeks old Bantom chicks in my house in a cardboard box with the excuse that they were for my 6yr old grandson for Easter as I did surprise him with chocolate Easter eggs and real life tiniest chicks at the time! lol in a box. My family think I'm nuts what are you going to do with chickens hmmmm. We'll I've been caring for them me and my grandson play with them they exercise in my kitchen they eat drink get tired sit on me fall asleep, then I put them back in their box we went and got them a bigger box today I will transfer them into! What am I going to do with them well my vision is after researching I like the plastic coops will get a big run I have grass as I'm reading bantoms need grass I would love them to live inside but I'm scared of if they smell and the pops are bareable for now but??? I am really worried once outside will they get parasites please etc as you no London is wet and cold most of the year I hate it!! Pluss I'm hopeing that are both females or male and females as I still don't no during researching I found this excellent site byc that has inspired me greatly in my alone mind as I think everyone just thinks I'm crazy???? So my journey is beginning with my chickens as I will be running around like a headless chicken soon to house them any advice from yourselves on bantams?? What sex they may be? I've gone on enough now thanks for reading if you have happy chickens to you all I do love them lots.[​IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
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    Africa - near the equator
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    Make yourself at home here, plenty of room for another crazy chicken keeper!
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    Hardy Township, OH
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    Welcome Filiz, very nice to meet you. When your chicks are 6-8 weeks old you can post photos of them at "what breed or gender is this." so you will know what you have.

    I'm sure "Yorkshire Coop," will be around later to welcome you . For now you can visit the Learning Center and get a good start on a chicken education.
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    Apr 2, 2016
    Thank you guys I believe they are pekin bantams?? Very sweet playfully fun how often must I let them exercise around my kitchen would you say? As I feel mean leaving them too long in their box also I use Newspapers as the Breeder man said was ok to use? but I've read that wood shavings unadjusted but can only find rodent sawdust shavings at pets at home can you advise
    Kind Regards
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)

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