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Oct 23, 2018
Hello. My Name is James. I live in Mobile, AL. I recently caved to my wife's demands and bought some chickens from our local feed supply store. We got 5 (wish we had gotten 6 so we could have had 2 of each). We have 2 Welsummer, 2 Sapphire Gem, and 1 Sienna Star. I found out about BYC just thru google searches and questions I had and found that most of my questions and concerns were answered thru it's forums of very knowledgeable community and I decided to join as a way to voice my own questions and, maybe in the future, after I've gained a little experience, I can provide my own advice. I work as a truck driver over the road and my wife is a nurse. I have a 13 year old son who really enjoys the chickens and looks forward to gathering the eggs once they start laying them. The coop is set up in my back yard and the chickens share the yard with my 3 dogs. (1 pit bull, 1 weimaraner mix, and 1 chihuahua. yes, I know it's a weird mix) We don't let the dogs out when the chickens are out of the coop. The bigger dogs are very territorial and really enjoy chasing anything that's in the back yard. (i.e. birds, squirrels, my neighbors cat) We recently got into gardening this spring and have a decent size vegetable garden and plan on using the chickens waste as compost next year or so. You can call us Hicksters. I've included a few pictures of my handiwork. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of them. Anyways, I look forward the community and what it offers and hopefully being involved whenever I can.

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