Hello! (New to chickens and Backyard Chickens) :)


7 Years
May 23, 2012
I just recently obtained two bantam chicks and, at least temporarily I have the mom and her bff
(I would like to keep the adults as well, but they are my father-in-law's, and I think he misses them, lol)

The babies are mine permanently - I know they are bantams of some sort but I am not really sure if they are a specific type of chicken or maybe mutt chickens
... They are cute regardless.

I will have to post pics later, maybe someone will know.

Anyway - I am excited to be part of the "chicken community" - would like to learn more about my chickens and chickens in general. I would LOVE to have full size chickens one day - It would be very cool to be able to collect eggs from my backyard for breakfast! :D

I know the little banties lay eggs, but not sure if it would be worthwhile trying to make a meal out of the little things, lol.

Nice to meet you!

Silkie Chick

8 Years
Jan 14, 2012
A Beautiful little homestead.
We lived on bantam eggs for about a year. It is quite possible to make a good meal out of them, you just need more of them. Our OEG bantams lay .5 oz to 1 oz eggs and we cook with them... They taste good. :)


9 Years
Jun 23, 2011

I know you will LOVE Backyard chickens! I rarely ever get on facebook, because I am ALWAYS on here! Everyone is so helpful I would rather be around no other bunch of people (I said people, not chickens ;). I hope you have a good time with your bantams, imo, there are no better breeds then the bantam breeds, they are so small and friendly. Who needs eggs when you have all the love in the world stuffed into such a small chicken

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