hello NZ'ers! Cheap fencing ideas/suppliers?

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  1. chochopops

    chochopops New Egg

    Feb 5, 2013
    Hello there~
    This thread is aimed for fellow New Zealand Chicken owners!

    I need to find a supplier or person I can get some cheap fencing from! I've got a run attached to coop and all for my chickens but its too small so ive decided to make a run surrounding the coop. I need to buy at least 20-30m of good fencing suitable for keeping dogs out and chickens in - second hand is good too~
    placemakers and those building supply stores are just wayy too expensive... chainlink nearly $20p/m.
    does anyone know a really cheap junk yard type place or know someone trying to sell their fencing?

    much help appreciated! I would like to get my coop up and running again during the summer holidays~
  2. Hennysmother

    Hennysmother Out Of The Brooder

    May 31, 2013
    Hi there Chocopops ... Just s suggestion ... We have been helping my daughter with some temporary fencing for her chooks in the backyard and have been using pallets - get them free wherever you can and drive waratahs - ( steel standards) down through the sides of the pallets between the timbers standing it on the edge ... She then staples shade cloth on the outside of the pallets- this is working really well so ling as your chooks dont decide to fly up on top of their fence ! We had to cut some wing feathers on a couple of them ! You could use any wire netting on the sides of the pallets as well but we slready had a supply if shade cloth - the other suggestion is to try and locate some long style pallets they make for easier fencing - less waratahs needed! Hope this is a help with temporary fencing for you. !

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