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    Yes I know it's been ages since I posted & I'm really sorry for that. BYC has been such an important part of my life for about 4 years now I guess. There have been many time I wanted to post, but my energy seems to be very short lived nowadays.

    First things first, my special little handicapped rooster, Grace. Some of you will remember back to the day I wrote here at BYC urgently needing help to save this little guy. I found Grace almost dead from exposure to freezing weather, right in front of his momma & I revived him after working on him for 45 minutes, but he has been disabled every since almost dying.

    To put it simply; Grace has been able to walk, but not stand up on his feet, he always falls over without some outside help, like hands or board pathways so he can bing back & forth to stay upright. Between me & my very much loved little BB Silkie hen, Babydoll, we got little Grace to adulthood & of course Grace would not survive without me & I would not survive without this little bundle of fun & joy.

    This is Grace's first picture right after I revived him.


    He seems to be some what failing I think. He was doing so good this past summer. Fighting through the fence with the two neighboring Silkies roosters, trying to mate with his little mate, Laz, while in their customized coop area & in general raising all the roosterly hell that he could, yet still staying bound at the hip to me, his bigger hen. [​IMG]

    As many here know, Grace & Laz even adopted an egg & raised a little full blooded Mottled Cochin Bantam guy. Grace loved that experience & it was such a joy to see him "play" with his little son.


    I am hoping that all the problem with Grace has to do with the cold weather. I'm sure that the little guy has Arthritis, making it painful for him to move about. He usually is very good at getting back up on his feet if he falls between his board pathways, but the past few weeks he doesn't seem to have the strength to pull himself back up. He is also stumbling backward & them falling down into awkward positions, making it more difficult to get back up.

    I have a floor heating pad for him to nest down on, a heat bulb above him in his coop & even a heat bulb above his favorite spot in his special yard. In spite of this, I am having to be sure he is held in place to eat & drink. He has food in his coop area & his outdoors run area.

    I just started to give him a very small chip of Schiff's "Pain Free" in the hopes that it may ease the problem. I am also thinking of giving him a very small chip of Aspirin each day also, because he squawks every time I pick him up when he is all jammed down into a pathway. I think it is hurting him to grab him around his rib cage.

    O also have him on V&E's on a permanent basis, till it warms up again next summer.

    Any ideas friends. After all, Grace was a BYC team effort for a long time. It really hurts to think this special little guy may be having more crippling physical issues starting up. But the good thing is that Grace has been given a very good life in spite of the handicap. And I as well have been blessed beyond words by this little bundle of happiness.

    Grace taking over his mate, Laz' small laying box. He is just too funny at times & very unpredictable. :lol


    Well that's it for now friends. All prayers for Grace will be very much appreciated. He truly is an example of God's special little creations that we call birds & chickens....well OK! And Turkeys, of which I am keeping happy more than 100 Wild Turkeys on a daily basis this year. We just love them around with all the California Quail, Morning Doves, Chickadees, Jenkos, Pine Finch & many, many other species of wild bird. God has truly blessed Carol & I in our latter years of life on Planet Earth.

    All our photos of Grace, our other pet Bantams & our home in the woods that the Lord has given us, at this URL. We would love to share it with all you friends.


    God bless each & everyone of you wonderful people @ BYC. All of us at the Martin house (and Grace's house) send warm happy wishes for your Thanksgiving day & much love.

    Verlin, Carol & all of Grace's family. [​IMG]
    Elk, WA
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    May 26, 2007
    north florida
  3. Cuban Longtails

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    Sep 20, 2007
    Northeast Texas
    I wish I knew what to do for him. He seems so healthy in the pictures, such a beautiful bird! [​IMG]
  4. Carole AM

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Goshen, Indiana
    Its so good to see you posting again. Be thankful for Grace, and everything else in the world.
  5. Verlin

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    Hi friends,

    I was hoping to reply sooner, but I have been fighting trying to hold this machine together till I can get it to the shop to be examined & running properly again.

    I'll also post this on BackYardChicken Forum so I don't have to make two separate posts.

    First; thanks to all for input. I have always felt that Grace was a BYC project.

    Grace is eating & drinking very good, but his condition is worsening. He can stand up OK, this being with his side boards to keep him from falling over, left or right. The bad thing is that he seems not able to go forward anymore, only backward. This is the sum total of his whole problem, so I suspect it has to do with his neurological connection to his leg muscles. Grace has never had this problem before & it has set in very quickly.

    We checked him for Mites, but none whatsoever since we started using those "DinoMite" strips for all the chicks.

    I have had two of our babies poop checked for worms at the vets this summer & they were of course expecting to see some since the last time I actually wormed them with Wazine, was this last March. Even the vet was completely shocked that they didn't even find a worm egg. He was very impressed with the DE. The main reason we use it though is to cut out most of the poop smell & also to cut down on flies during the hot weather. I too was very surprised that with two random tests, there was no signs of worms.

    Inspite of this, I am worming all the guys just to be sure. Now, all that I have ever used is Wazine, except for that "Bogena, Anti-Parasiet 150" that you sent to me special for Grace some time ago Diana.

    I hardboiled some eggs this morning & mixed it with a small can of cat food, beef flavored. I also ground up some Rooster Booster pellets & put it in with it. Grace really loved it, I only gave him a tablespoon of it & will give him another T. this afternoon.

    I have Grace cornered in one of his pathways with a tray of feed in it & a small chick waterer just above it, with a block of wood behind him so he won't push himself out backward again. I will have to exercise his legs so his leg muscle don't start to atrophy from doing nothing other than standing up.

    This really worries me & I am praying it isn't permanent. With all my wonderful physical problems that also brought about depression & anxiety, I don't know how much I can actually add to my heavy load of issues. Inspite of all these personal problems I count myself blessed that God still smiles upon me & my family; including my little Grace. The best part is that I love this little guy tremendously & we have been the closest of buddies since he hatched. It's far too early to pas any judgments on what I can or will do with Grace, I only want first of all what is best for him, not for me.

    Grace's three small WebPages:




    I'll keep you posted. Anymore good ideas will be very much appreciated friends.

    God bless all of you & have a good day friends. [​IMG]

    Verlin & Grace [​IMG]
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    Mar 18, 2007
    Watertown, Tennessee
    Have you thought about glucosimine or msm?
  7. Napalongtail

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    Jan 31, 2007
    NE Washington
    Yes a joint lubricator and how about a favorite of race horses..Hydro- Therapy. Maybe even just a touch of liniment on his joints. Hope he recovers Neighbor. Happy Holidays too.
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    Jan 23, 2007
    N.E. Louisiana
    Hi Verlin, so nice to hear from you again.
    I pray that Grace will get better soon,such a sweet little roo.
    Happy holidays to you & your family [​IMG]
  9. Verlin

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    Hi friends,

    I'll try to reply to some of the ideas all you friends gave. I'm just too worn out to write another long post, so if you don't mind please go the the post I just made on the e-z board. This is the link.


    Things are not going well for Grace & it is looking like the worse is to come.

    God bless each of you. Grace & I send our love.
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    [​IMG] Come on our beautiful Grace we know you can do it...
    Prayers and hugs.

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