Hello to all the chicken tenders out there!


In the Brooder
Aug 4, 2021
I am a new tender myself. My 11 year old daughter and I decided to get 4 gorgeous baby girls to help keep us distracted during the pandemic. They were sold to us at a week old as Isa Browns. Three of them look identical, but our Winnie is golden yellow, could be a mix up that she's a different breed or just that stark of variation. Either way we love them so much! We love watching them and learning the quirks of each of their personalities. We also have a chihuahua named Pickles that the girls are quite intrigued with. We love the outdoors and are avid campers and hikers. My daughter and I also like gardening and are slowly growing our little farm in town.....as much as we are allowed. Looking forward to reading all your chicken stories and sharing some of our own!

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