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Apr 28, 2013
Sandy Valley, NV
After lurking for a very, very long time, I've finally joined up!
I don't have any chickens yet, but they're ordered and should be shipped out in a week or two. I have never in my life been around a live chicken before, but hubby is a total farm boy and has tons of experience. He's slowly converting this city girl!

This year, we took our first steps towards homesteading- we put in a veggie garden and ordered some chicks. We have coop supplies, but haven't actually assembled it yet. Ultimately we want to get other animals - rabbits, pigs, and a milk cow. We also want to grow the majority of our animal feed. (This is where the aquaponics come in! Nothing will grow well in our soil.)

I'm a little nervous, and afraid I'll kill my chicks! We're in southern NV and it's already getting pretty hot. It's supposed to break 100 degrees this week!


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Jul 17, 2011
North Central Kansas
Greetings from Kansas, deserthomestead, and
! Pleased you joined our flock! Great to have you here! Heat can be rough on chickens - just make sure they have shade, breeze, and clean cool water and they'll be fine. What breeds did you get? Some are well adapted to heat, others to cold. Here in Kansas the worst isn't the heat, it's those few (last summer MANY) hot days with high humidity that my chickens hated. Right now they are loving spring! Good luck to you!

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Mar 21, 2013
Welcome from Southern Illinois! I was raised in the country and my had never lived outside of town. She was scared to deathh when we married and of course moved to the country. That was nearly 34 years ago and she would not move back to town for anything. Sounds like you have a great plan! You will do great with your chicks....they are pretty resilient. Provide them shade and plenty of fresh water. I dont know what breed of chicks you purchased, but some breeds tolerate both heat and cold better than others. 100 degrees? Here in Illinois it it around 55 and I am more concerned with keeping my flock warm:). Best of luck to you. Sounds like your husband has convinced you that nothing beats the country life!

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