Helloooooo not-so-feathered friends!


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Oct 22, 2012
I am brand new to this adventure. I live in Aiken County, SC and am hoping to have a new coop to stock in February 2013. Planning on learning all I can between now & then! I am a pet enthusiast all ready own house cats, a Jack Russel Terrier and an African Grey Parrot-all my children. My mom and I share 9 acres, she's in a seperate house, and we are both gonna embark on this. We have both owned plenty of pet birds, and I have raised ring-neck doves in an outdoor coop before. Tried to add chickens to that ONCE, did you know chickens kill doves?? Anyway, looking forward to all your advice and comradery! Marcia
, Yes chickens can be very territorial and can carry diseases that can kill game birds. I personally would never advise keeping chickens with a smaller species.
Thanks, I learned that lesson quickly and had to send the chickens off to a new home.
Hopefully your next experience will be better. What breeds did you try last time? Some breeds are known to be more aggressive than others.
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I had RI Reds, 3 hens and 1 roo. But I won't be mixing anything in with the chickens, I learned my lesson.

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