Hell's henhouse...??

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    Dec 21, 2009
    I painted the floor inside the coop yesterday morning with 2 part epoxy paint, and it was still tacky around 3, so I took my 250 watt culinary "red bulb" out and set it up in one of the open window frames and turned it on. This is a true 250 watt infrared lamp, and melts sugar at over 300 degrees at a distance of 16".

    I monitored this lamp constantly, and it did work well as the epoxy fired off and cured over night. But the effect of the infrared light inside the coop last night was absolutely creepy. The pictures don't do it justice, because the red light was reflected off of the ceiling of the run, and really did look pretty evil...




    I unplugged everything around 7 O'clock, and the show was over. Even with one window completely open and both nest boxes uncovered, it stayed amazingly warm in the coop, and came close to validating my design. It certainly helped the paint to fire off and cure...

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    Amityville Coop! [​IMG]

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