Helmstead, and other goat experts...could you please help me...


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i was just reading another persons post, she was wondering if her goat is pregnant....and Helmstead asked her for goatie tush pics...so...i was wondering if anyone could help me on this also...my doe(Cricket) is a pygmy..my male(that i just had fixed 2 days ago)..is a french alpine...and from what i was told recently, it is a bad thing if he caught her....she also is getting pretty fat...and is a little piggy..so i'm getting kinda worried that i may have waited to long to get my male fixed.....here are the pics...thanks so much, Wendy


Hmm...edited to say I've got that backwards...she might be bred...

See the triangle area just above her anus - how it's deeply sunken in? Usually a bred doe's area there is full...even somewhat early on. (this is the part I think I've gotten backwards...)

Course, this is VERY "ify".

Also, feel her udder. Some does will thicken and stay that way (not just for a few days during their heat cycles). Course, some does don't do this (esp first fresheners) until much later.

Best thing to do now that your Alpine is wethered (banded, I am guessing?) is leave him with her. He'll still play lover when she goes into heat, which will tell you if she's bred or open.

Would you like me to post this on the other sites with the "pooch experts?"
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okay thanks so much...i hope..i hope..i'm lucky on this!!..
...and he hadnt got her yet..i did feel her teats tonight when i took the pic..and they were like empty or soft...not full of milk or anything...(that i could tell..which isnt saying much!..LOL)..again..thanks so much
ahh!..LOL..ooh no!..yes..please take any pics you need to ask anyone for me!..thanks
i can send a few more pics also...i dont know if they are any better though...do you need more?..
I've been spending too much time staring at goat's butts....


I'll let you know if I need a clearer pic...for now...I'll keep you posted as to what the 'expert' has to say.
Our pygmy was bred by our Boer stud...not intentionally and had twins. We call them our Boermys. The male we sold to someone and we kept the female which we breed to a Nubian (trying to get the Kinder goats) and she had two girls that look like Nubians. Our pygmy momma did fine with the birth and had plenty of milk for both.

Keep an eye on her bag...this might help you determine if she is pregnant....sometimes they look pregnant just after eating. We have another pygmy that doesn't bag up much until right before giving birth.
heres more...
poor cricket...having her butt exposed on the internet!!..


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