Help! 1 week old chick clicks when breathing


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Mar 1, 2011
I picked up 5 baby buff orpington chicks from a local farm supply store last Thursday. The chicks were shipped last Wednesday, leading me to believe they were possibly hatched Monday or Tuesday. I have one baby chick that I'm assuming is a week old who seemed more puny from the moment we brought her home. She would drink a bit more than others, is smaller, and seemed okay until today. She is so lethargic and always sleeping - the other chicks knocked her over and it didn't seem to matter to her. I have her separated and in my lap with a towel now to keep her warm, and I noticed she has a slight clicking when breathing. After researching online, I saw where it is most likely a respiratory infection, possibly aspergillosis? She has no runny nostrils or eyes... just closes her eyes all the time to sleep and her breathing is quick. Will this infect my other chicks? I read somewhere that it's not contagious, but I wanted to get advice from someone here. They are on starter feed and just plain water. Should I add sugar just for her? I don't want her to pass away
and I work all day tomorrow. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you!
What makes you think it's Aspergillosis and not something else, Aspergillosis is a fungal disease and most likely would come from the bedding the chicks have been on but being their that young, There are alot of different respiratory diseases out there. Heres something I just found in the archives.. do you have any poly-vi-sol w/o iron? might try to get her to drink some of that.. or electrolytes are also good to have on hand you can mix both of these in water and dip her beak in it to try to get her to drink..
sure hope she makes it..2 main reasons for sneezing in these guys:

1. Aspergillosis - the affected chick will most likely die, but it usually doesn't spread to others since it is ubiquitous in the environment and only chicks that are susceptible will get it.
2. Mycoplasma (MG) - the chick will most likely recover, but may end up a carrier. All the other chicks and any others exposed already have it...they may or may not show signs and may or may not become carriers. Most likely your other chickens have been exposed unless your quarantining involves changing boots, clothes, and washing your hands every time you go back and forth.
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I don't have either... but I could get electrolytes from the store down the road maybe. I tried to get her to drink something and she would if I dipped her beak for her, but it was difficult for her and her eyes remained closed. She has this constant clicking as she breathes which makes me sad for her and is my greatest worry. The other chicks seem perfectly fine. I don't want to put her back in there with them in fear they'll trample her.
She died over night
Now I'm praying none of the others get whatever it was she had...
Sorry for your loss. Bottom line is with any chicks...they die...sometimes just one or two...sometimes all. More often than not its just failure to thrive and nothing you can/could do at that point would make a difference, if sugar water, honey or quick chick wont perk them up, then time to just let them die in peace. Its the way of mother nature sorting the wheat from the chaff, or survival of the fittest. I would not really be overly concerned about it being anything contagious at that age. Just bumped in its travels and a failure to thrive. Again, sorry.
I agree with this assessment. It is not uncommon for unthrifty young chicks to just up and die for reasons unknown. The chick was smaller than its coopmates leading me to believe that the death was likely related to some non-visible defect rather than a disease.

Sorry for your loss. Good luck with the others.

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