Help! 16 wk chick injured by hen!

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  1. reils500

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    Oct 22, 2015
    Went to close the coop for the night and found one of my 16wk old chicks laying in a corner of the rUn with injuries to her head. Eyes are ok. I think one of my older hens must have gotten her...
    What can I do to help her? I flushed the wound with saline and gave her a spot of infants Tylenol and water. I will clean area with alcohol and antibiotic ointment? What else can I do?
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    Sep 20, 2015
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    How is she doing?

    Clean to wounds and treat with plain neosporin or vetericyn. Tylenol should be stopped in my opinion.
    You can also use a little blu kote to help hide any pecking wounds.
    Any idea why she was attacked? Evaluate the space in your coop/run, sometimes not having enough space can cause pecking/attacking. Also monitor your chick for any signs of illness/weakness, other chickens can pick up on that as well.
    Is she by any chance new or a lone add-in to the flock?

    If you feel like you need to give her pain medication you can use aspirin:
    Used as a general treatment for reducing distress conditions of birds (fever or listlessness) that accompanies many diseases.
    Dissolve five (5 grain) aspirin tablets in one gallon of water.
    Offer this solution free-choice to the birds for the duration of an illness. The solution aspirin equivalent to 25 grains/gallon or 324 mg/gallon of drinking water. The dosage rate is about 25 mg/lb body weight per day. (
  3. reils500

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    Oct 22, 2015
    She is doing much better today. I think she was in shock last night. As long as I can keep her head wounds from getting infected, I think she'll be ok.
    Thank you for the heads up about the Tylenol - I researched after the fact, luckily it was infant Tylenol and I gave her just a couple drops... I seriously thought she was going to die and didn't want her to have pain.

    I have 6 12-16week old chicks who have just started having free reign of the coop and run. They have spent 3 weeks of being in a dog crate in the run during the day. This week I gave them a couple days with supervised time in the run prior to full time. I have 3 1 year old hens, up until a week ago 6 of my neighbor's hens were also in my coop for the winter. I'm pretty sure the one who attacked was the lowest of the order amongst the larger group. I have her in the dog crate in the run now.
    The chicks have been hanging out inside the coop mostly, my best guess is that the injured one wandered outside and got cornered :(

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