Help, 2 month old Road Island red throwing up!

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    Jun 24, 2009
    Hi I have a flock of chickens, 1 of which I hatched, he stays inside my house b/c of the cold. I noticed about 5 days ago his crawl is huge, but feels filled with fluid(h2o). He also has begun to throw up. I was thinking he wasn't digesting his food, but he keeps pooping(normal). Also if I pick hime up any pressure to the front chest he throws up. I have never seen this with my older chickens. He still has an appitite, and drinking. Not as noisy as he usually is. Anybody have any ideas as to what is wrong if anything. I hate to think he has a blockage and is going to starve to death.
    Thanks Dana
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    Is there a bad smell from his mouth?

    Might be sour crop, if there is a terrible odor.

    Has he eaten anything suspicious? Cigarette butts are notoriously toxic in house chickens. House plants?

    Do not give yogurt, if his crop is fluidy the yogurt can multiply bad bacteria in there.

    Do you have access to maggots, such as from a fishing supply store, and would he eat them? If so, they are famous for eating up the bad fluids and curing sour crop.
    There are other methods but they tend to be rather extreme. Search 'sour crop' in the search engine on this page.
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    May 15, 2009
    If his poop is normal that's good. Tonight around 6 pm take his food and water away from him for the night. Gently feel his crop to just get an idea of how it feels. In the morning before feeding him feel his crop again. It should not be squishy or full of fluid. If it is back to normal feed him as you usually do but don't feed anything that his gizzard would have to grind up. Give him soft things like scrambled egg, well cooked pasta, animal crackers etc. Anything the if you were to soak it in water it would dissolve like the animal crackers would .Give his digestive system a break for a day or 2.

    Does he have chicken grit available? If not get him some right away. Being an inside guy he might need it.

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