Help! 3 day old chick about to die (update)

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    I went out to check on my three broody hens and their six chicks. I only found two. Eventually i found three dead chicks and one that, to my suprise was still breathing. There are some eggs missing too. It rained last night. I think what happened was a snake came in and ate the three missing eggs and went into the nest box where the chicks were. They probabaly got frightened and ran out of the nest box where it was cold and raining. The dead chicks were intact but wet. The one that survived was hiding under the lip of the nest box. I think that's why it's still alive. It didn't get wet. They were only 3-8 days old. I ran the survivor into the house and turned on the incubator to warm her up. She's one of my youngest at only 3 days old. She's very weak and can't stay upright. She keeps falling over. It doesn't look good. What else can I do for her??

    the chick was in the incubator for about two hours and has made an almost complete recovery. She's up and chirping and fluffier looking. I put her back out with her mother. I plan on bringing in the three chicks at night and taking them back to mama during the day, weather permiting.
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    Getting her warm will make a huge difference. You'll need to get her some water with a bit of sugar and some feed, but really her temps are what is likely making her so weak.
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    Concentrate on warmth & water for now.
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