Help....3 week old chicks

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    We found one of our chicks (purchased, not hatched), an Orp, seemingly bottom heavy, like one of those plastic dolls with a sand bottom that you can hit and it comes right back up? This chick could not balance itself and *seemed* like it could not poop and everything was jamming up. so I couldn't think if anything except giving it a tiny, baby, baby enema using a newborn puppy feeding tube and it seemed to really help that chick. Its now recovered and eating, running around and doing fine.

    another one, one of the *packing peanuts* that happened to be a blue Marans, had the same thing happening. I repeated the enema process yesterday early evening and late last night, it was flopping over on its side, its head/neck twisted funny and flapping its wings, the poor thing seemed to be suffering but I just could not bring myself to end it, thus trying the enema thing again but this one's bottom seemed to have emptied out and wasn't nearly as round and full feeling as originally but it just did not recover like the first.

    Any ideas? thanks!
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    Quote:If the one has a "twisted neck" it could be Wry neck.
    Give them a little bit of Polyvsol (without iron) for 2=3 days or until you see improvment....This stuff taste REALLY bad so you may have to take a dropper and drop along the beak line until the swallow it.
    As far as the constipation, you can put molasses in the water (it is a laxative for chickens). can also put some olive oil on a Q-tip and rub around vent and in a tiny bit.
    Other than that, I am not sure what you are asking, seems like you are doing the best for them [​IMG]

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