7 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Everett, WA
I think I've narrowed it down to thiamin, and possibly folic acid and vit e deficiencies and have been treating with poly vi sol, vit/electrolyte water additive and crushed up some rooster booster to sprinkle on their food. My concern is getting it 's legs to stay in the right place. I can get it to stand and wobbly walk upright but if it stumbles too much or the other chic runs it over it goes back to walking in its hocks. The knee or hip joints sometimes click when i get it to straighten its legs but it does help to pull itself up. Nothing seems broken nor is there evidence of pain. I've tried the splayed leg splint but it tucks it butt under the hobble and gets stuck with its feet straight back and can't move at all. Ive been doing little exercises with it- encouraging it to walk up right and helping it to stand when it tucks it tail back under and also having it stand on my hand as I make small movements to try and help it build muscle and balance. The upper leg muscles do seem week but from what I've read about vit deficiencies that can happen. Im just wondering if i'll be able to reverse, is there a special wrapping or splint i can use, etc. I think it was a late hatch and a little runty then got malnourished in the feed store process. Everything else seems normal- eating, drinking, pooping. Just a sleepy and slower feathering which is also another symptom of the thiamin deficiency.

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