Help! 5-Day Old Chick Has Injured Leg/Foot!!!


10 Years
Oct 14, 2009
Gainesville, Florida
I have a 5-day old chick (a silkie) that seems to have an injured leg or foot. She's limping and isn't putting any weight on the leg (or as little as she needs to to get around). She's doing everything else normally...eating, drinking, pecks at the other chicks occassionally. I don't see any visible signs of bleeding or cuts and I haven't seen any of the other 9 chicks in the group bothering her or picking on her. She occassionaly yelps a little when she steps down on that leg too hard.

I have placed her in a separate pen with another silkie (for company). Should I just let her be and heal on her own? The leg doesn't appear to be broken...she *is* putting weight on it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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