HELP! a movealbe lump in the neck=throat??

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    A moveable lump in his throat and lower neck?? He's not acting weird, does he have a clog or something? I can move it all the way up to his head, but he won't regurgitate it... is he ok? There seems to be mushy food below it, is he backed up? he's my love child!! quick, PM me for phone number.

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    Dec 2, 2009
    might be an impacted crop. give him a day and plenty of water. i had a similar instance with a young roo, but some h2o and veggies seemed to have done the trick
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    May 12, 2009
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    It's not an impacted crop, it's a ball of food in the throat. This happens with geese a lot. Try to massage it; it may break up. Offer small quantities of water, but if the clog is bad, he could regurgitate the water if it can't seep through. Massaging is what works. I had to do it once when a gander of mine gorged himself on corn.
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    Just want to say, my three week-old gosling just stuffed herself with grass and it's now stuffed down her whole throat. You can feel it. This eventually just moves down. It's happened every single time I've had geese, they are whacky creatures.
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    I had this happen with a duckling and I tried dipping his beak in water. He drank but it just got stuck in there and then came back up through his mouth and nostrils, I got scared then because he started choking so I sucked out what I could with a dropper then massaged the rest until it broke up. Luckily he was ok afterwards. I don't recommend the water or at least only a drop or 2 if you want to moisten it up, just massage it gently until it can break up and go down.

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