Help/advice needed! 2 Baby chicks hatched, one isnt fully healthy and being left out by mother


7 Years
May 19, 2012
South Shields
Well, I came home from uni to a suprise, 2 little chicks.
One is joyful and playful around the mother, eating and getting involved but the other is quiet, being left out by the mother e.g. not encouraging to feed or get warm in her nest with the other healthy chick.... how can I help it, I heard loud tweeting as it was cold because she was not sitting on him/her so I had to push her under hen in the nest.
The chick seems healthy but is a little quiet and has 1 eye shut.
Also I have my hen and the two chicks in a seperate coop with run.... when can I introduce them back into the group of 2 other hens and a cockeral? The hens were fine with the chicks when they were born as I was not here and they had access to the other coop but I am worried about the cockeral, what is the normal behaviour? Thank you
Could you see anything on the eyelid? It may have been hatched last and not completely cleaned up yet, but you are doing the right thing, the hen will take care of him. If it's a deformity I would just leave it alone. Keep them apart until all the chicks are able to run back to the hen for safety. I think a week is the minimal.
Alot depends on your roos, some will hurt the chicks, some won't. Also how dominent is your broody, she will try to run the others away...but she can only do so much
There is nothing on the eye I may try and drop a few drips of water onto it to ease it possibly?
Luckily she is the most dominant hen so she should be able to handle it all :)
got caught up in something so sorry I didn't respond. Sadly, there may be something really wrong with the chick, could try a warm soft cloth to loosen it and see if there's a deformity. As long as the hen keeps him under her he has a chance, if she abandons him....he may have just been weak and unable to get to the hen.
As for the roos, mine stayed away from the broody, but they are easy to push around by my hens. And so i felt comfortable letting them go where they want, now, at three weeks they get a peck or two when underfoot,scream,and run back to mommy. Chicken drama

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