Help/ Advise on raising Broilers/meat chickens?


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Sep 18, 2019
Hello! I am raising chickens (Specifically the breed White Hen X bred at A&M university) for my FFA animal showing, and this will be my first time. I have done a lot of research already, but I am very interested in learning more on how I am to take care of my tasty friends! (BTW, I've named them all after ways to cook chicken.)

I am raising 75 chickens in a non-insulated pen, so I'm going to need to get a heat lamp. I am making a DIY feeder for 25 dollars, suggested by a member of this community. I am also going to be culling the 'bad' chickens once a week, and would like to find people to give them to instead of ringing their necks. If you know of anyone in the Austin TX area in need of some nice meat chickens, hit me up and get me some contact so I can bring them over! I am also making a DIY waterer out of an 8 gallon pail. I am feeding them with Purina Meat Bird Feed, cornstock (the thing with corn and wheat and milk all boiled together?), and hard boiled eggs once they're bigger.

What I need help with:

What kind of bedding should I use? What works best for 75 flipping chickens?
Am I using the right kind of feed? If not, what do you use for show worthy chickens?
Any advice on how to get them chonky enough for shows, and specifically, to win said shows?
What general advice can you give me on raising broilers?

Thank you so much for the help!
I use straw for bedding, not sure if its the best but its available easy where I live so I use it. Shredded paper, Mulch etc etc anything dry, made of Carbon and absorbent works. You may not even need heat lamps if you have that many unless Austin gets cold this early.. I doubt it does. But for the first 10 days it doesn't hurt. You won't need the heat supply long as they get big and feather rapidly. With as many as you have if it was me I wouldn't even use a heat source provided their enclosure has no drafts. They will huddle together to keep warm. Most everyone else on here will say to use a heat source so its probably wise to do so.
I have no idea how to get meat birds ready for show, I just get mine ready to be eaten but others on here will likely know.

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