HELP!, Aggressive 2 mth old Blk Crested Polish (hen or roo ?)

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    May 21, 2011
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    Hello friends,

    I need HELP and advice , quick.

    Ive posted pics of my BC POLISH, for anyone to guess if I have a roo or hen.

    The 2 answers I got say that if the crest feathers come to a "Point" at the end, then I have a Roo, whereas if they are "Rounded" at the end, then I have a Hen.

    Looking at my pic, both say I have a Roo, BUT, when I look close for myself, the crest seems to be Rounded.

    Either way, the baby is VERY aggressive toward chicks it's Own age, so much so, that he/she stepped on my BJ GIANT baby hen, hurting her foot, so we had to put the giant in a separate blocked off area so she can re-coup.

    But the Giant started getting VERY depressed and out of fear of losing her, I got a baby White Leghorn hen which is 2 weeks younger than the Polish and his/her " chosen " best friend, a SL Wyandotte hen , ( my "lap chicken" ).

    Now that the Giant is Very Happy and walking again..( she actually prefers to sit on my 14 yr old son's lap and shoulder, instead of walking around ), the Polish is RIGHT BACK AT chasing the Giant and the Leghorn, Pecking

    the Tops of their heads and backs and wont let them eat or drink!!!

    So, again, I separated them again, at least until the Leghorn " catches up " in height.

    I dont know what to do..

    I already have a DRAKE Rouen in the yard who "owns" the yard, and Im AFRAID of what will happen ONCE I introduce these babies into the yard Any day now!

    I will PROBABLY need to find a LOVING home for the baby, and soon,.

    Any thoughts or advice will be GREATLY appreciated, as Time is running out.

    Thanks all,


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    Nov 24, 2010
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    I have 2 polish that are 12-14 weeks. One has waddles like yours and his face started getting really red- the other does not have waddles and isn't red. The waddles came first, then the redness. I cannot see an difference in their hats, but over the last few days there seem to have been some subtle changes in the shape of the hat on the male.

    It became clear that the waddles one is a ROO when he started crowing last week. He's very silly and is also all about challenging other chickens. He also lead a chase after my 3-legged dog the other day. No one seems bothered by him at all, but time will tell.
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    May 5, 2011
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    This is mine:


    and he crowed the other day for the first time!

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