Help! Animal Attack on Rooster-trouble breathing, face swollen w/ pics

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  1. StopDropRollChic

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    Jul 13, 2007
    Early this morning an animal attacked my rooster, his comb is mutilated and in need of stitches, however I cannot afford a vet visit, Im wondering what I can do home-remedy wise. The Rooster is a Silkie therefore is comb is located directly above the nostrils..becuase of the severity of the wound, part of the skin has collapsed onto his nostrils, making it difficult for him to breath at times. Im doing my best to hold the skin up while I clean it with a surgical scrub and attempt to clot the bleeding. The one side of his face is very swollen and he cannot keep that side of his eye open. Should I ice it? Does anyone have any quick suggestions?
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    May 2, 2007
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    Do you have any of that liquid banage you could use it or some super glue to keep the comb up & back in place. But be careful to not get it in his eyes maybe have someone hold him when you do it.
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  3. fowlweatherfriends

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    Just guessing, but maybe one of those butterfly bandages that holds skin together?
    Poor boy-I'm sorry this happened to him! [​IMG]
  4. silkiechicken

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    I had some similar damage to my roo's comb. It dried up and crusted over before I was able to care for it. If I was in your shoes, I would clean his head as best as I could. Chickens clot very quickly and easily so I wouldn't worry about him bleeding out.

    After getting as much blood off as possible. If there are obvious chunks of dangling comb that are gong to die due to lack of blood, I would cut them off with a very sharp scissors(doubt that being the case with a silkie though). Then for remaining large chunks, if the wound is fresh, put some antibiotic on it and tape it up together and be sure to flush every few hours or so. Clean up the face and see if you can't keep the tissue out of the nostrils. He should heal up as he doesn't look critically bad. I don't think combs get stitches usually but are very good at healing up after injuries. It will just look different. GOOD LUCK! I hope he makes a full recovery.
  5. SpottedCrow

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    Oh the poor boy!!![​IMG]
    I'd put some aspirin in his water and keep an eye on him. Keep him warm and in a stress free environment...I would use liquid bandage over the superglue just because it's so close to his nose.

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