HELP any one here need to loose weight

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by perchie.girl, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. perchie.girl

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    I have 200 to lose and am overwhelmed. Bypass is out of the question for me. Done em all .... can give insight to some. need support for myself too. Poultry is keeping me here. Maybe we can help each other. I am open to PM and Email.
  2. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    I was doing good with the kids in school,but I hate to exercise when they are home.The walk at home dvd's by Lisa S. are low impact and useful.See if your library carries those or any other good ones. The Jillian Michaels stuff I would not recommend till later. I did one and was so sore for 3 days.

    I find juicing to be helpful.The cheap GE juicer from walmart is a decent start. I also liked having lots of soups and salads.I liked meals that I knew the calories going in.For salads I use lemon and olive oil. Right now my lawn cutting and yard work is my excercise and it is slow go.Plus with the kids home I cook a lot more. No matter what just keep going at it even if you have bad food/exercise days.Every little bit of weight off helps. I am trying to still lose arounds 50 to see if it will normalize my bp.

    A simple daily walk will help.I really liked going to the Y for swimming.Not so much the exercising or gym classes-just swimming.

    Look into low or no meat recipes to try. I love trying international foods. Making a lot of turkish ones right now.
  3. perchie.girl

    perchie.girl Desert Dweller Premium Member

    Walking is double agony because I love it and it hurts. I have Arthritis or pain so bad it locks up my knees. I still try but I cant ignore the pain. I use a tall walking stick and walk with my goats if I have time. Part of my problem is I know what to do. Low carb works well for me, but I don't stay on it. I would love to get a whole food juicer/soup maker. The other problem is I am taking care of my 94 year old grandmother, and living in her house part time.

    My emotional incentive these days is setting up my poultry house and getting my Guinea Keets into their new home. Something I can do on one leg and a walker... LOL. Even care for my horse and goats.
  4. flnatv

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    Apr 7, 2011
    West Tennessee
    Yep... I'm with you....

    I am diabetic and trying to lose to keep it under control... they gave me metformin and fortunately one side effect is weight loss...

    Hope you find something that works...

    All I can say is keep REALLY, REALLY busy... not only do you use calories, but keeps your mind off food.
  5. perchie.girl

    perchie.girl Desert Dweller Premium Member

    Quote:Metforman helps this is good. I am in denial right now and have no insurance. I know movement is the key to it all. Thanks for the insight.
  6. dutchhollow

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    May 13, 2008
    SW IA
    If you are drinking any pop. or soda , even diet, stop. What is your usualy day like? eating excersice, maybe then we can give some things to try to change. Look into some swimming pools that offer excercise classes for starters, take the pressure off your joints until you can get some weight off.
  7. perchie.girl

    perchie.girl Desert Dweller Premium Member

    Quote:Dont drink Soda of any kind on a regular basis. I am a water drinker. Love it. I do have a diet coke on occasion but no more than about one or two times per week. I have one coffee drink per day. But to be honest right now I am pretty sedentary. It all started with my taking a job as a draftsman. Then moving to a computer aided drafting job... each time I gained more. Now I am a CAD designer. I have one of those farmer physiologies. You know.... Designed for heavy hard physical work. Big bones I can still lift a 125 lb bale of hay get it on a wagon and push it out to feed the horse, then get it up into the feeder, but still have the appetite of a field hand.

    I dont swim I float... LOL.... More like bob and the part that floats is not my head... LOL. At more than 350 lbs doing the swim suit thing is more than problematic.

    I guess I am trying to find others that want to join in with the weight battle. maybe share insights and successes/hurdles along the way. Hopefully with some humor and a little bit of success.
  8. greeneggsandham

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    Mar 10, 2008
    Can you do weight watchers? The program does work my daughter has lost 45lbs since January.
  9. flnatv

    flnatv Songster

    Apr 7, 2011
    West Tennessee
    Okay... nobody laugh... I ordered some acai pills for weight loss... haven't come in yet...
    I will keep you all posted on how it works. If nothing else maybe I can get some vitamins out of them.

    The only good thing about the metformin so far (makes me sick at my stomach) is I have no appetite. I want to eat and then taste something and I'm going.... Uhhh NO... doesn't taste like I want it too. At least it is keeping me away from chocolate [​IMG]

    I am getting my chocolate fix with calcium chews [​IMG]

    Edited to add: BTW... instead of 200... how about we all start with say... 10pounds to lose?
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  10. turney31

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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    About 15 years ago I lost 80 lbs. I wrote down the calorie counts and amount ie: cups ,TBS, ozs. on poster boards and taped them to the inside of the kitchen cabinet and pantry doors. I am NOT the type to stick with a restrictive diet. So I didn't restrict myself to what I ate. I set my given calories per day at 1000 calories. I wrote down every thing I ate. Even condiments, sugar, cheese some very fattening items [​IMG] Just wrote what I ate and stayed at or below my set limit. Chili dogs were one of my favorite things, another fav was loaded baked potatoes. Just count calories. When I would mess up I just didn't beat myself up over it, I just got back to it with the next meal. My favorite snack was tortilla chips and salsa. Agreed, not healthy but I could do it, just count the calories. I began to need to eat less, just wasn't hungry. Yea, good thing right. I ate veggies and salads with regular ranch dressing. For late snack I ate the cabbage soup diet recipe EXCEPT I added salt and spices to make it edible. I even drank my beloved Dr Pepper. Just count every calorie.

    These were the important factors for me:

    Spiral notebook kept in the kitchen to write down every thing. I tied my pen to it so I had no excuse to write it later because i didn't have a pen.

    Most important- Poster board cut to the size of your kitchen cabinet and pantry doors. On the spice cabinet door I wrote condiments etc.. Mixing bowls cabinet Pancake calorie count etc. Pantry door potatoes, veggies etc. My purpose for this was ease at cooking time of just open the door and at a quick glance I knew how much and how many calories. Very fast and easy to stay with it. It is a time consuming endeavor to start with. No computer then, I went to the library and got a book of calorie counts and if I liked the food I wrote it on the board. Leave some blank space on your board so you can add food and counts when you slip, like cookies [​IMG]

    When I stopped losing, I either dropped or raised my calorie intake by 200 calories a day. Kept my body guessing. I lost weight very fast. And have kept it off, save 15 # up and down.

    I did walk several miles a day. I would see if maybe dancing would be something you could do. I have Fibro now and love country music, but I like to dance to hip hop [​IMG]

    I am sure some people will tell you this is bad and they may be right, but it is what WORKED for me, in a big way.

    I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. I type with one finger and it took me an hour to write this. [​IMG]

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